Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monkey Love

This morning was not one of the best Wednesday mornings that I have ever had. I didn't go to core this morning because I was concerned that I may give someone my staph infection and that just wouldn't be cool. So I took the extra 1 and 20 minutes of sleep and prepared myself for my doctors visit. I arrived at Trey's office (Trey not only my friend but he is also my doctor) and after a quick wait I was in the prep room. The nurse took one look at my si (staph infection) and said that they would probably be doing some cutting. Now.... the cutting doesn't bother me so I was all in and ready to rock. I just want this thing out of me. I had a si last July in my hip and Trey shot me up 7 times with a needle full of whatever it is that numb the shit out of you. So I was prepared for that but wait a sec what the hell is this????? Cold spray???? Oh what the fuck.... just get it done and over with. He sprays me down and then tells me to look the other way. I look the other way for a few seconds and then I realize something..... that numbing cold spray doesn't work for shit and it's freaking hurting. Trey acts surprised when I reply to his question of "is this hurting?", with "holy shit dude!!!!" When I cause pain to myself I can't help but laugh so I'm trying to tell Trey that this shit hurts and all I can do is laugh. Well, he tells me that he can't turn back now and that he has to continue. Just get it over and done with for Christ sakes. Then I notice something that totally caught my eye. The nurses shirt had monkey's all over it. Under each monkey it said "Monkey Love". That's totally got me laughing. Here I am with my arm wide open (by now I can see under my skin and Trey is cutting with a small pair of scissors.... ohhhh good f'ing times) and I am giggling like a 10 year old. The nurse looks a little squeemish so I ask her if watching bothers her and she replies that it does. I tell her it's all good because were gonna fixed it up with some Monkey Love and Monkey Love fixes everything.

War in Iraq? Monkey Love
The big 3 need a bailout? Monkey Love
Recession? Shit girl we got Monkey Love
By now all 3 of us are laughing and I am bleeding all over the place. Trey tells me that he took a big chunk of the infection out... no shit dude... remember I can feel everything that's going on. So they patch me up without stitches because it has to heel from the inside and that takes about 10 days to 2 weeks. So still no pool but I can ride and run.

I coached a kickass workout this evening and I had 26 people at the workout. It was the "fun" week so next week I won't be so easy on them. Congrats to Haggs and Guice for dropping the hammer for a mile PR.

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etg said...

Thanks for giving me pointers about my form, for encouraging me to keep getting after it (and to take days off), for making it enjoyable along the way (even when it was really tough), and for believing that I could run faster than I personally ever believed I could, Coach Logan!