Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lets get caught up.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been sick since last Sat. and I was miserable. I am not a good sick person. Since I was sick my workouts suffered but I am now feeling better. I will be off the antibiotics tomorrow and my elbow looks a million times better.
Here's a run down for the week:
Monday: Called in sick to work and had Mo cover the run workout for me.
Tues: Still sick but I made it to work. No workouts for me.
Wed. I did 20 minutes of the core workout and I almost died. Should have stayed in bed.
Thurs: Did the spin with Pain in the morning and felt pretty good. Did a 5 mile run after work. Didn't feel great but better than I expected.
Fri: Coached in the morning and layed low to save up for this weekend.
Sat: Did the team ride and managed 59.1 miles. I was a bit slower than I wanted but I'll work on that.
Sun: Ran 11 miles in 1:30. That's about an 8:00 per mile pace. That's a little faster than I wanted but I'll take it. I ran the last 4 by myself and forced myself to go faster than I was. I enjoyed that part. This afternoon I did a ride down 360 to Great Hills Trail and back. Almost 34 miles. This is a hilly route and the Texas afternoon wind was making a showing. Took me about 2 hours. Slower than I wanted but it built some leg strength and that is was I am looking for right now.

News and Notes:
I was an idiot yesterday. 4 of us were at a light waiting for it to turn green. Once it did we took off with the truck that was first in line to go. The truck was going slower than hell. I am not sure why, maybe he didn't want to hit us. The bike lane doesn't start for about 50 yards until after the light so I think he was waiting for that. The car behind him started wailing on the damn horn like an idiot. So I turned my head and looked to see what the heck was going on. It was some 20 year old guy and his lady friend. I looked right at him and asked in my oh so polite voice, "What the fuck is your problem?" He gives me the finger so I give it back to him and tell him to pull over. I was pissed!!! I tell him again to pull over and we'll see who the man is here. Smart kid...... he kept on driving. Sometimes you can tell when someone isn't a fighter. This kid wasn't and even though I may be past my prime I knew I would have leveled him. That would have not been good. But my anger didn't go unnoticed or alone. Noah, starts up something with the 3rd car and they start jawing back and fourth. Noah tells the guy to pull over..... and the son of a bitch did!!!!! I was ready for a some action when the guy waits for traffic to go by and then takes off. Noah starts off after him and I'm laughing because if the guy wants to get out of the car, now would be the best time. Noah would have been all wiped out from trying to catch the guy. Not a good way to end the ride. I'm just sick of people not thinking before they act when driving. I understand what I did was wrong but someone has to do something. It's getting ridiculous with people driving and thinking that they are always right and we're always in the wrong. btw..... The guy who called me "queer" last week... if you read this. Who uses the word "queer"? Fucking idiots, that who.... you tool.

Making a wrong right.
I was at the auto parts place today dropping off my used oil. That's right.... I change my own oil and it only costs me $8 bucks and it takes me less than 20 minutes. Well..... while I am there, there is a couple buying a battery. They ask for help installing it. The guy at the counter said, "You're kidding me, you don't know how to change a battery?" They said he didn't know how to. The counter guy said he would help but it would be a bit since they were kind of busy. I jumped in and asked if the place had a 10mm wrench and if they did I would change out the battery. They were all shocked that I would do this. I figured I was an asshole yesterday so maybe doing some good today would help me out in the grand scheme of things. So I grab the wrench and the battery and proceed to change the battery for the couple. 5 minutes and it was done. They tried to give me some cash but I would have none of it. The feeling of pride and character that I had going was all the payment needed.

Time for pizza!!!!

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