Thursday, January 8, 2009

Even now.... I am still learning

This mornings wake up call came early. I rolled out of bed at 5 and made my way to the kitchen from some grub and hydration. Once fed and relieved I head to the PTC and get there at 5:45. You can tell it's IM season because there were 5 people already waiting for me to get there to unlock the place. We had 26 people this morning at the spin workout. That's the most I have ever seen at a morning spin. It was a solid class and Mo was on top of things today.
After work I went down to town lake for a 7 mile run. My day at the office was stressful so I just wanted to run by myself today. It was almost perfect weather for a run and the trail was hopping. At the 22 minute mark I had to make a quick pit stop. Up to this point I was feeling great. Once I started back up I felt like crap. I felt like I had no energy so my form suffered and therefor my run suffered. Not sure why I felt like such crap but I think the next time I do this (next week) I'll shove a few more calories down my troat (yeah... I said troat) before I get out there. The one thing that I worked on was my mental game. I new I was running like shit so I just said no walking. My friend Jess had a rough run the other day and I just kept telling myself that Jess didn't bail so I'm not going to. Well I finished my 7 miles in 59 minutes which is off of what I wanted to do but hell...... I made it didn't I?
One thing I took notice of this evening while running was either the ignorance or stupidity of women running alone on the trail in the dark. I mean come one ladies..... this isn't f'ing rocket science. It's a great place to run but it's not the safest in places. People cry for more police presence, how about you take your head out of your ass and run before it gets dark, run with a buddy or go to the gym. And don't give me that, "oh my dog will save me" shit. I've seen your dog and I have shoes tougher than Fifi. Plus if your dog can fit in your purse it's not actually a crime stopper now is he? Good lord.........

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