Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Booher saves the day

This morning was prime time for Pain Time!!!! I opened up the PTC at 5:45 and people were already there waiting for me. btw..... the workout doesn't start until 6:10ish! Getting there early for me allows some extra time in the saddle. Well the workout started just fine then about 10 minutes into it the battery on Pain's ipod died. Insert stage left, James Booher with his Ipod. Now I know Boohers taste in music so I was ready for some insane shit. He didn't disappoint. Right out of the gate we got some Ratt, Poison, Ozzy, 3 Doors Down and my favorite one of the morning.... Last Mile by Cinderella. Man it was like having a mullet all over again. I seriously enjoyed it.
At lunch I went over the Performance Wellness to get my shoulder looked at. I haven't had a lot of good movement with it lately. I love it when Sellers says right after he starts to work on me, "Wow..... that thing is tight." Always a good sign that the pain isn't in my head. He worked out some kinks and the hooked me up to some electric therapy. I love that stuff. I always try to get the intensity up more than I should because I love watching my arm flail all over the place. Cool stuff.
After work I did a track workout. My legs felt like crap. They never really warmed up until the 3rd repeat. I just didn't have the jets today. But I did stay consistant.
It was a good training day. I did notice however that I am a fat bastard. I can get away with it right now but come April I have to start dropping the lbs. I'd like to go into CDA @ 158. Right now I'm about 167.


AustinTriDad said...

I'll get some Winger for next time. Glad I could help.


Not only does it remind you of your mullet days, but it reminds you of your hair days!

By the way, if you're a fat bastard, than I'm a beached whale.

Dionn said...

Dammit. I can't believe I missed the Hair Band set. DAMMIT!!