Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You never get it right the first time.

Since this is my first attempt to blog something I figured I'd give you a little background. After a few moments of thinking I came to this conclusion. Screw that and let's start fresh.

Today I didn't do a damn thing training wise. This is officially the off season for me as I will start training for my next Ironman in January. I did go to the PTC and do some coaching stuff both this morning and after work today.

Mo built this bike rack for all the bikes at the PTC and it's not doing it's job. The thought was great but the execution of the bike rack is not all that good. I'm going to offer my skills in order to help him rebuild it so that it holds the bikes. This might be my weekend project. We'll see what he has to say.

So there you go.... my first official blog. I hope this thing has spell check.

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ken said...

Hey Logan-
This is a good start, however, I am not sure what the PCT is. Also, if you ever want to jazz up you blog talk about me--people seem to love it when I do it (or at least I do).
Good luck on your new endeavor-