Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend training an such

Saturday morning was very windy. I'm talking 35mph winds. Riding a bike outside was not in my best interest. So we opened up the PTC for anyone that wanted to hook their bike up to a trainer for a few hours. I lasted 2 hours, which is about all I am good for when it comes to sitting. After the ride Mo and I reworked the bike rack issue and it came out a lot better. Not exactly what I wanted but Mo was happy with it.
Yesterday I went to a new restaurant in the hood. With a place named Texican Cafe I should have known that it would suck. I had the worst steak in my life there and the service was horrible. I seriously don't recommend it.

This morning I awoke to temps in the mid 30's. Nothing like doing a long run in the cold. Seriously..... it's way morning fun that when it is 90 degrees outside at 7:00 a.m. It was another small group this morning. Just 4 of us ran the Scenic loop. A solid 10 miles of hills on the first half and then sorta flat on the back half. I took it very easy today and really enjoyed myself.
The rest of the day will be cleaning and prepping for the week. I am also playing Stelmach in fantasy football this week and even though I think he'll beat me I am really hoping for some luck to come my way.

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