Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Believe it or not... today was a slow day.

This morning started the same way that all my Wednesday's start. I wake up at 5:30 stroll over to Starbucks and get a grande coffee with room for cream for my coach. Then I make my way down the street to the PTC (PTC is Performance Training Center. It's where all my indoor training takes place and it also houses the coaching office.) and hand the coffee over to Pain. Pain is one of my 2 coaches. Her name is Chrissie and she delivers the pain so I just call her Pain now.Starting @ 6:00 I take a 1 hour core class that Pain teaches. It's freaking tough. I swear she stays up late at night watching those Chuck Norris infomercials just to find insane stuff for us to do. But I really don't complain about it because it makes me a better athlete and I kinda like bringing her coffee. It says, "Morning Pain, here's some free coffee now please kick the shit out of me."At lunch I headed over to Performance Wellness for some medical care. PW is the office of my chiropractor Chris Sellers and his crew of voodo healers. Chris and company have kept me going for over 2 years now and without them I would be in a wheelchair. I have been having neck and shoulder issues lately so they have been working on that for me.After work I headed to the track to coach a running speed workout. It was a smaller group than usual since this is technically the off season for triathletes. Coaching in the dark is a bit tough.A couple of tidbits:-- I found out Monday that I have Orthostatic Hypertension. My blood pressure is so low that when I stand up it takes a few seconds for the blood to get to my head after siting for a while. Makes me crazy dizzy. Nothing serious but it's fun to watch me get off the bike sometimes.-- This is usually the week that I go home and go hunting with the boys up in Maine. I didn't go this year because I just didn't have the time or the $$$. Well... I received an email from the head cheeze up @ hunting camp and they have already taken 2 deer this year. I am happy for the guys but I sure wanted to be there for it. I'll be back for '09.

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chadd25 said...

Hey Cuz.. Great blog. Great camp pic.. Not many deer around here. Pain sounds awsome!!