Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Motivation and why I shouldn't bitch about it.

So I have no motivation to do anything except to eat and sleep. Any type of working out is like pulling teeth. I shouldn't bitch about this since the is my off season but I have been going at it for about a year now and taking a break it just mentally tough for me. I feel as a if I am getting crazy fat and out of shape. For of those who don't know triathletes, we are some vein people. I have gotten worse over the years and any time I'm out of shape I feel like shit.
I should be enjoying this time of year since the holidays are coming up. This is when I am suppose to be able to eat whatever I want and relax. I am worried that I'll go into CDA (Ironman CDA) out of shape. I did this last year and suffered.

I ran this evening by doing a track workout with a group called the Ship of Fools. We did most of the run in the dark and that maybe why I'm feeling like crap. I don't mind running in the dark but that should be in the morning and not after work. After the main set I just didn't want to run anymore. Ugh.... my life is soooooo bad. Yeah right.

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