Saturday, November 29, 2008

I love simple rides on Saturday's

So here I am drinking coffee and listening to old Hank Williams Jr. This is a good morning but I will bitch about Starbucks a bit. I don't really drink coffee. I get one after my rides on Sat. as a little gift to myself but every week I regret it because I can't drink the entire coffee. I get the smallest one they have but it's still too much and now I'm all jacked up on the caffeine. What am I going to do? Stop being a candyass and suck it up? Stop drinking the coffee? Add bourbon to it?

Today's ride was seriously small. I think my athletes are taking the off season a little too serious. Besides Pain and myself there were only 3 other riders in our group. We usually have at least 20. Seriously people.... get off yer ass and get out there. You'll be thanking me by the time IMCDA training starts. The ride was an easy 34 miles in the SW Hood. No major hills but enough work to get a sweat going. I love riding with Pain. She keeps me in check. I am really hoping that by the 3rd month of IMCDA training I'll be able to keep up with her on the bike. I have a meeting with her tomorrow to discuss my training for IMCDA. Between my day job, coaching and training my schedule looks a little crazy. I am hoping Pain will stay on my ass throughout training this year. She has a lot on her plate but she motivates me like no one else so hopefully it will all work out.

Ahhhhhhh... coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Oh yeah...... Beer Mile later on today. I'll take some pics and post them tomorrow.

One last thing. the new album from Guns N' Roses, Chinese Democracy sucks!!!! Nothing like the old GNR. I was really disappointed.

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