Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Words of thanks

Today was my last day coaching for T3 and what a send off it was. Besides a rip roaring workout I had them do I also experienced my first Gatorade bath (only it was water in the cooler), a Texas sized choc chip cookie cake from Yvonne Ruebel (Milton took care of most of it), some very nice parting gifts and one last hoorah @ Mangia Pizza.
Thanks to everyone that came out to the track this evening for my last workout. Even if you didn't participate it was still nice to have you there. Thanks for the cash, gift cards, Whoopie Pies and many many words of thanks.
Erin cried, Dustin drank and Booher showed up. That's one hell of a good time.

Tomorrow is back to heavy training. I have taken a couple of easier days because I haven't been feeling so hot. We'll see how tomorrow @ 5:00 a.m. feels.

Thanks again everyone.


Jess said...

we are going to miss coach logan :(

Yvonne said...

Sorry I couldn't be there for the last hoorah. Works a B sometimes..but I was there in spirit (in the form of a cookie). We will really miss you, but at least I'll still see you in the pool :\