Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's not about me.

It's about the people that I care about. It's about the people that inspire me. It's about the people that I respect.

This is how I feel about my cousin Chad. I have known him my entire life. We grew up next door to each other in Groveville until I was 8 and my family moved 20 minutes away. I have always thought of Chad as my closest cousin because we are close in age and I remember many good times we had as kids. I was never so honored as when he asked me to be in his wedding. I was so proud of him for marrying Crystal and having me being part of the big day.
Well now it's a different kind of caring, inspiration and respect that I have for him. You see....Chad was diagnosed with leukemia in mid August. This totally caught me off guard. How could someone doing so well in life have this happen to them. I know it's not about who you are but man....I just wish it wasn't him.
He is keeping a blog of his travels through this part of his life and I suggest it for your daily reading. It will open your eyes up...seriously. Here's a link to it:
The kid is going through a tough time in life and he still has the guts to post how he is making it through. I am simply amazed by this. I would have crawled into a hole but not Chad. Please feel free to post a comment on his blog offering support and kind words. Anyone in his shoes needs and deserves it.

One last thing:
My life is full of people who train for running races and tri's all the time. Myself included. We bitch about bad days running, days of being sore, to tired and days of bitching because we didn't get our mileage in. Think about this for a sec.....our lives could be in a tougher spot than that crap.
I sent Chad an email the other day asking him if he didn't mind me posting a link to his blog. I love that his pic is in a J&A's jersey and that he has been bitten by the tri bug. But one thing will never escape my mind......the kid from Groveville, Maine that I still look up to had this to say at the end of that email

"For now, this is my Ironman."

Chad....you're tougher than any Ironman I know.
Love ya cuz.


Arlene said...

well said Logan - love you - Ma

Yvonne said...

Wow. That is news I wish to never read about, but thanks for the reminder and grounding me again to reality. My thoughts are with your cousin and I'll be keeping up with his blog. Thanks Logan