Saturday, September 25, 2010

Long ride Sat.

Up at 'em this morning for a ride with the T3 crew. 78+ miles @ 20.7 mph. I honestly felt that i was going faster than that. We had a good core group this morning once we broke away fromt he rest of the team. Hammer, Capt. Jim, New Chelsea, Uncle Milty, Jantzen and New Kid Cole. I pulled a lot on the way out and did some drafting on the way back because my workout within the workout was over and I just to hold 18.5ish on the way back. Nailed my nutrition and hydration which was nice. Used a new formula which I will share because I will forget by tomorrow.
2 bots each with
4 scoops Carbo Pro
4 Salt Stick salt tabs
1 Citrus Nuun
Orhange Gatorade and water to top it off.
At the stop at the store I had about 6 oz of Coke and filled up my water bottle with a new cold Gatorade.

Overall it was a good ride. Now we'll see what the coach says.

Also did a 30 minute run off the bike. It was 95 degrees by then so that sucked.

Brought the boys at J&A's a cooler full of beers today before they closed. Some people bring food....I bring what works. I know Geoff and Brian will take care of the inventory. Just hope I get my cooler back.

Oh and also...... my green thumb got some work today.

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