Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tues and cooler weather

I ran after work today and man did it feel good. The weather was wicked sweet and my legs were rested after taking Monday off.
I tore it up this weekend. 80 miles on the bike @ 20.7 mph followed by a 45 min run @ a 7:50 pace.
Sunday was a 14 mile run. I did the same 7 mile route but just reversed it on the second loop. Averaged 7:49's on the first 7 and 7:10's on the second. Man these cooler temps are helping me sooo much.

Racing another month in Conroe, TX. http://www.out-loud.org/ironstar_triathlon.htm
It's another 1/2 IM and I hoping to PR this time. If the weather is anything like it has been I should have a good shot @ going under 5 hours.

Don't forget to check out my cousins blog.http://chuckbuxton.blogspot.com/
He got a day pass this past weekend and was able to watch his sons football game. Go SCOTS!!!!!.....whatever happened to Groveville 1 and Groveville 2? I haven't thought of the Scots in about 30 years. Wow!

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