Thursday, September 23, 2010

Work in progress

I hit the trainer this morning before work for 75 minutes. Much like the workout from Tues. After work I mad my way down to South Mopac. It was a negative split workout so coming back had to be faster than going out. Not easy when you're going out @ 22 mph. I pulled it off. I am hoping this will help me produce the power and speed I need for my next race. Looking to average over 22 mph on the bike.

Beautiful afternoon for a ride. 90 degrees and the sunset was nice. Low breeze made the wind tolerable. Once I stopped the mosquitos came out and they went ape shit over me and Fish. Make sure to add bug spray to the grocery list this week. Btw....with all the food I eat I go to the grocery probably 5 times a week. I went after my workout this evening because I heard Gatorade was on sale. Is it wrong to go to the grocery and just buy 22 32oz. Gatorades? Hell....they were only .94 cents.

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