Saturday, December 27, 2008

Xmas fun and then some

Christmas day started with a sweet swim down at Barton Springs.
I met Jess there at 9 or so and we did 400x4. That's just about a mile and my pace was actually pretty good. I haven't done an open water swim since Conroe in November. Since it was a holiday it wasn't all that busy so not a lot of obstacles. In and out of there in about an hour. Good times.
Around noon I jumped on my bike and did a 31 mile ride. 360/Bee Caves area. I was all by myself and I totally enjoyed it.
After the ride I headed over to my friends Lance and Kim Obermeyer. They invited me over for Xmas dinner and a little pre run. Little my ass. We did a trail run through City Park and my legs we already freaking tired. The hills killed me. I was never so happy to have a dinner waiting for me once I got back. The total mileage according to the gps that Lance had was 5.25 but it felt like 10. Ugh!!!!!
So I am thinking I did a little tri on Christmas day. Not bad. It's a great way to enjoy a low traffic day and to get ready for CDA training next week.

This morning I did the T3 run. It was the 5 mile loop on the trail 2 times. You had to go faster the second time around. I haven't been running a lot so I figured I'll give the first loop a shot and see what happens. Well I started out with Mo and Kevin..... that was a mistake for me because I felt that we were going to fast on the way out. We started to separate around mile 3 and I caught up with them at the water stop at the end of the first loop. I took off early to see if I could hold the same pace as the loop before without the guys. I wasn't far off but I wasn't keeping up..... that's until Mo passed me at mile 7. He told me to keep up but my plan was to keep him in sight until the water stop at mile 7.75 and then regroup and hang on. We grabbed a quick drink and off we went. He tells me right off that we need to do the last 2.25 miles in 15 minutes. That's a tall order, but I was willing to give it a try. For the last 3 months I have been telling myself that am going to need to push myself more for CDA training than I have in the past. Both mentally and physically. Well...... this was a perfect time to give that a try. I just focused on keeping up and relaxing my shoulders which tend to get tense when it's hammer time. We rounded the first mile and I was not feeling good at all but I just couldn't slow down. Partly because I didn't want to let Mo beat me too bad and partly because I didn't want to be a candyass in my mind. The last hill was hard but Mo told me to pick up my knees and soon we crested the hill. Coming across the bridge on the last 200 meters or so Mo picked it up and I was about 15 off of him and I just wanted to finish strong and I did. 10.24 miles in 1:16. First loop 38:48/ Second loop 37:13. I haven't done that in a long time. Mo got me through it and I thank him for that. Hopefully this is a start of some good CDA training.
After the run I headed home for a 20 minute ice bath. It's been a while since I have had an ice bath and holy shit was it cold. I'll be a better rider tomorrow for it.

Nap time. Gotta bike fit at 4:00 at the shop. First one in over 2 years. This should be fun.

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crabby said...

You are a candy-ass but you're going to smoke that CdA course Logan. Srsly, it's beautiful and a lot of fun.
Love, Crabby