Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Still FAT but at least I worked out today.

This morning was just another cold morning in Austin, TX. I made it to the PTC just in time to get my bike ready and start the spin class. Pain didn't waste time today getting my HR right up there. It usually takes me a while to get my HR up when I do a morning spin but today that was not the case. Overall a great class. I was just thinking about when I start IM training in 2 weeks. My trainer rides will be around 2 hours at a time. Ahhhhh... the old days when Joe and I would see who could get on the bike first and be the last to get off. Joe always won that battle.
After work today I went for a run on the trail. I did the 5 mile loop starting at the RunTex on LAB. Ran past the trail of lights. It looks nice but it got me to thinking that it's a huge waste of energy. We as a country are in all sorts of economic problems and here we are gasping in our own glory called Christmas Lights. That's pretty freaking sad. Back to the run. The trail was dead so it was nice to be out there in the dark with not many obstacles. I haven't been running all that much so I was slow and took a break after 3 miles. Now I'm pretty sad along with the lights.
Oh well..... gotta get back on the horse somewhere.

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