Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here comes the PAIN!!!!

This morning was core class at the PTC.

Wait a minute...... check out what I woke up to this morning @ 5:45 a.m.! Not very motivating to see snow/sleet on the X before training. But Pain needed coffee and I wasn't about to let her down. So off into the "frozen tundra" they call Austin, TX I went to retrieve coffee and make it to core on time.
Core this morning was crazy. Last week we had 30 people. This week we had 35+. You could barely move. Pain kept everyone in line and it went pretty fast but not a lot of downtime/rest so I am feeling it now. My quads are sore as all hell. The run tomorrow morning should be a joy. It looks like 37 degrees. Fun Fun Fun!!!!!
At lunch I went to Courtyard for the lunchtime swim with Suzanne. It was freaking cold!!! The water was warm but the air temp was about 45 and the wind was blowing so whenever I stopped the wind would hit me and I'd freeze. Needless to say I tried to keep moving as much as possible and now my shoulders are sore and tired.
After work I coached a track workout. It was cold but I was prepared and I was toasty warm almost this entire time. My athletes didn't bitch as much as I thought they would, which was surprising. But by the attendance it looked as though the "not so positive people" stayed home. Lapuente and I had a great discussion about running form as we worked on hers. The girl has the determination but now has to rework her running form and rebuild it. Easier said than done. I am sure we can get her there. Guice needs to work on her arms, which she did and by then end of the workout she looked a lot better.

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