Monday, December 8, 2008

Phelps I am not.

So I was at the PTC this morning for some yoga. Nothing new to report there.

At the swim today I stayed in the T1 lane. Let me explain lanes. There are 2 different workouts prepared before I get there, T1 and T2. T2 is just a long version of T1. T1 usually stays around 2500 meters and T2 gets up to about 3400. Since I have not been swimming like I usually do I decided to stick to T1 until I get back into swim shape. I could probably do the distance of T2 but with the distance comes the faster swimmers and I just can't keep up right now. So I jumped in a T1 lane with this kid named Michael. This kid makes me laugh. He's about 25, doesn't say a word, is going to school to be a personal trainer and works at Whatterburger. A personal trainer in training that works at WB.... now that just makes me laugh. He's a good kid and he can give it back just as I can dish it out. Well..... he almost killed me today. We split the lane and we kept each other honest. Meaning that he pushed the pace so we didn't fall off the pace. We didn't want to disappoint Pain. At one point we had 3x100 on at 2:00 minute interval. We were finishing at about 1:35 and my HR was about 180. He looks at me and says, "Keep up old man." I would have laughed but I could barely breath. Thank the lord I can crush him on the bike. :)

Speaking of the bike, morning spin with Pain so that means a stop at Starbucks @ 5:30 a.m. is in order.


Dionn said...

Let me get this and "the kid" were swimming T1?? Is this what happens when mom isn't around? wtf?

The Lindsor said...

Look who has a blog!!!!??? HAHA!! Nicely done, Log!