Monday, December 22, 2008

Me + the holidays = FAT

I feel like shit. I have been eating and drinking like a madman for the past month and it's starting to show. I have gained about 10 lbs and I can feel it with every step. I have been training but not enough to counteract my daily intake. It's tough to stay focused this time of year because my official training doesn't start for another 2 weeks so my workouts suffer. Speaking of workouts.......
Friday...... I swam at lunch. Good times as always.
Sat...... I did the T3 group ride and it was the best ride to do in a while. We had a head wind on the way out. I just kept telling myself not to go out to fast and you'll be rewarded on the way back. Well it payed off. We hammered the hell out the ride heading back to Austin with the wind at our backs. 40 miles in just under 2 hours.
Sat. night...... My friend Hammer won an auction for a private concert with Shawn Colvin. He's a huge triguy so I knew just about everyone there. Everything was going great until 2 things happen. 1- Mike broke out a bottle of Vodka and the shots flowed. 2- Joe looks at me and just says, "If you want to go outside and fight I'll do it." Party was in full swing now. I lost track of Joe not soon after that.
Sunday... Ouch!
Monday....... I was so dam tired from Sat. night all I did today was yoga this morning when it was 30 degrees. Poor Pain had to coach the swim. At least I was indoors.
I'll try again tomorrow to remove my head from my ass.

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Dionn said...

Logan - there is safety and comfort in numbers....sigh...

Please bring on CDA training!!