Thursday, October 7, 2010

When you off your OFF.

My head has been in cloud/fog for a while now and my doc thinks it's allergies and stress. Whatever it is, it's pissing me off. Yes it's allergy season and yes I am stressed out beyond normal but this shit has got to go. I havn't made a morning workout all week and my ride tonight was totally half assed. I would like to say that there is a light at the end of the tunnerl but I think I forgot to pay that power bill because there is no light in site. could be a lot worse and I try and keep reminding myself that so I can sleep. Just a little too much going on right now I guess.

Thought for the day-
I haven't had red meat in over a month. Could this be the cause of all my problems? Or could I suffer the same diease as Denny Crane.....made cow? Surely I can't be KooKoo for Cocao Puffs yet.

Food for thought.

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