Friday, October 8, 2010

Tough end of the work week but there was some sun.

My day job has been killing me lately. Numerous odd requests from people and I don't have a whole lot of back up to help me out most of the time. This frustrates the shit out of me. So yes....more stress than I care to have.

After work today was a 14 mile run. Yes, that's 14 miles on a Friday afternoon. My schedule this weekend is abnormal so I have to make do with what time I have. A challenge this evening was the start of ACL. The trail I love running runs right by the festival...I mean about 10 feet from the fence. I thought this would suck trying to navigate 25,000 plus party go'ers. Not so. The trail was pretty much dead and the music was kinda nice to run to. Reggae was playing and it had a nice beat to keep my stride rate to. The tough part was the smell of bbq chicken and the damn scalpers trying to get rid of tickets.
"I have tickets...hey man you need some tickets?"
"Dude....I'm running my ass of without a shirt and kicking some ass right now...does it look like I want you to bother me and that I need a f'ing ticket?"

I understand free enterprise but some people are just fucking stupid!

Up early tomorrow to announce a race that I am a little worried about. It's their first try at race production and the guy seems a little over his head. Tomorrow could be a long long day.

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Chad Davis said...

How did the 24/7 announcing gig go?