Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tires, teeth and bird beaks.

Today was a fun day.
Yoga at lunch where I almost did a head stand all by myself without using a wall or getting help getting my legs up. Still needs work.
After work I hit the road for a 30 mile ride from the shop. About mile 4 I had a flat. I like to think I'm the king of changing flats. Now with the lack of daylight after work my mad tube changing skills come in wicked handy. 2 minutes on a rear wheel and I was back on the road. What caused the flat? It was either a bird beak or a tooth from a small animal. Even the animals can't clean up after themselves.
The ride was kind of discouraging. Head wind the entire time on the way out and the way back sucked because of traffic. I still negative split the ride and that's what I wanted to do but I just didn't get really comfortable.
Once back at the shop the rear tire was flat again.....go figure. I changed real quick into me run shit and took off for a 7 mile run. The coach told me to have fun with the run. How the hell do you have fun with a run when it's getting dark and no one is running with you? I have run the 7 mile loop enough times to know...... I would need some company to have fun this day.

News and notes: I am starting my own annoucing company. It's called BigMouth Announcing. Yeah go figure...BigMouth. My first order of sound equipment came in today and I pick it up tomorrow. I hope it works because I have a gig on Sunday.
Website will be up soon.

Day #2 of things I am hooked on. Corn, Oil and salt.....all I need to survive.

Thanks SGV for the hook up. Since we went camping back in May I have been living off of these things.'re not going to get me on the Double Stuff Orero's. Well maybe not until after INCDA 2011.