Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A quick catch up

I took Friday off from training. Smart idea.
Sat.- I swam 1200 meters at Barton Springs. After that I did my long ride with T3. I did 66 miles and then did a brick off the bike of 30 minutes.
Sun.- I ran 15 miles in 1:57. I was hurting a bit towards the end. It was my longest run since training last year fro IMAZ.
Mon.- Swim at lunch. 3500 meters
Tues.- Spin in the morning with Pain. Massage with Lisa @ 8:30. Track workout with the Ship after work. 1 mile time trail, 4 x 400 and finished with 3 man relays for a total of about 5.25 miles.
Once I get the time I'll write some more.

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