Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just too tired to write something every day.

So I have been slacking with updating this blog. It's proof that I am busy as hell training.Things are going really well right now. I am staying more focused than I ever have. It's a good feeling. Let's get caught up. Saturday-1200 meter swim at Barton Springs. It was a good swim. 48 miles on the bike. It was brutal heading out to Kyle. Head wind most of the way and when the wind wasn't at your head it was at your side and that was just crazy. A couple of times I had an "oh shit" moment thinking I was going down. the way back was just freaking awesome!!!! Tail wind. At one point Babb and I were doing 36 mph where we were just going 14mph on the way out. Averaged 19 mph. After the ride I had the shittiest cup of coffee ever!!!! It came from Starbucks which I was surprised about. I was in such a damn hurry I didn't have time to bring it back. So I sucked it down like a champ and chalked it up to toughness. After the coffee issue I hit the PTC to clean bikes. I did 5 of them before my back started killing me. Once I got home I ordered a new bike stand so i don't have to bend over while cleaning anymore. It should be hear soon.Sunday- We ran 10 miles. I think this may be the last 10 mile run for a while. Ohhh.... check that. March 8th will be our last 10 miler for a very long time. We did the 5 mile loop on the trail twice and we had to go faster on the second loop. It's called a negative split. I did it with about 2 minutes to spare. Total time was about 1 hour 16 minutes. That's an average of 7 minutes and 46 seconds per mile. Much faster than what I should have done. After the run I went to Rogue and bought some new running shoes. I love getting new shoes but I love getting a coached discount even more.Monday- Up early for some Yoga. Marko was on fire that day. The guy is freaking hilarious. I hit the pool later in the day for a 3250 yard swim. The pool water is heated and way to damn hot to be doing a hard workout in. Monday night I coached a hill workout. I had my athletes run Wilke repeats. Wilke is a big freaking hill at about a 10% grade. That's pretty steep.Tuesday- Ahhhhhh... I love sleeping in even if it's only til 7:00 a.m. Pain has out me on a new Tues. workout. Now I rotate my Tuesdays between running with the Ship for a speed workout and doing a run/bike/run. The r/b/r was a 30 minute run followed immediately by a 1hr 10 min spin (the spin was fucking brutal) and finishing off with another 30 min run. The workout was awesome but I can see myself getting worn down because of it. It's a solid 2= hour workout on a Tues. I'm not uses to that. Guess I'm going to have to get used to it. Wednesday- Core in the morning with Pain. Always tough. I did my usual Wed. swim in a pool that was way too hot again. I was in a seriously pissy mood so i really didn't do much talking. Get in, get out and get on. I am coaching again this evening. Tonight is speed work on the track. I don't expect many people since Wilke killed some. Candyass's!!!


Chuck Buxton said...

Great job Logan. Inspiring stuff as I begin my training for the year. Enough of the too cold comments though. A 30 degree day is like being in Miami here.. Your getting soft :)

jimbo11604 said...

Come on,, at least call the people who did 10 Wilke repeats "hard candy asses".

AustinTriDad said...

The last time I did Wilke, my Garmin told there's a stretch that goes to about 19-20% in grade. Fortunatley, It's towards the top. Doh!!!