Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally.... a day off

I try to push my athletes to take a day off about every 10 days. I mean totally off. No exercise whatsoever and to get as much sleep as they can that day. You just can't train everyday without giving the body some rest. The only people who can do that are the people who get paid to be triathletes. I have seen plenty of people down the pike that train everyday and I can honestly say that they last 1 season and I never see them again.
Well.... I was looking at my training log last night and I realized I have not had a day off in over 4 weeks. Yup....that's bad. So I got up this morning to head to core and all I kept thinking about was how in the hell am I going to get a day off in this week with the schedule that I have. So I get to core and I give Pain her coffee and then it just comes out...."Pain..... I'm not working out today." I explained why and she was very cool with that. So I watched core for about 5 minutes and Lapuente says to me, "A day off is a day off from everything. You should be resting." So I take her advice and leave. I drive to work and sleep in my X for 75 minutes and wake up exactly at 8:00. Good timing. I then take another nap at lunch for 60 minutes. That's the most rest I have had in a while.
So tomorrow I start another block of training. It looks like the next day will be in 14 days. I hope I can make it that long. We'll see.

Stupid shit..... the a-holes that don't use theri directional signal in the cars. It's not an option when you by the car. It comes with the f'ing car for a reason you twit.


clivingston said...

AMEN about the blinkers...

Dionn said...

Yes, a day off. I was forced into one this week by a stomach bug, but I think the rest of my body needed it more! Here's to the next 14+!!!!