Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time to make the dounuts

This morning I ran 5 miles before work. I needed to get some sort of run mileage started and it's been way too hot outside to do it after work. So I dragged my carcass out of bed a little bit before 6 and made myself run. I never went hard and I just stayed around an 8:50 pace. I just couldn't get my legs going. Post Ironman syndrome is what I call it. I have been training for slow and long stuff for 6 months so my body isn't ready for fast stuff.

Well that changed this afternoon. I went to a speed workout with the Ship of Fools after work today and boy was it fun. After a mile warm up and about 10 minutes of drills we started the workout. The ladder. 1600, 120o, 800 and 400. No pace was given so I just went as strong as I could to see how long I could hold out. I got lucky because Jen wanted to run with me and she is a solid runner. We kicked out the following.
1600 - 6:45
1200 - 5:08
800 - 3:23
400 - 1:27
In 106 degree heat I consider this a victory. When I do speed work I never use a hrm.... I just go hard. HRM's are great for long stuff but not so much for speed work because if you are doing the speed work correctly then you should be well above your AT. It's like the watch thing with triathletes. They can't run without a watch. Well sometimes you gotta leave that watch or hrm at home and just go hard and see how long you last.


Chuck Buxton said...

Back in the saddle!! Nice. So where in the middle of the country are we meeting next year to run a race together?? Say late May??

arlene said...

Let me know where - we will be there to cheer you both on!