Thursday, July 16, 2009

Keep on keeping on

Wed. was another early morning. I hit the ptc at 6:00, brought Pain coffee and then started a core workout. I haven't done much core for 2 months so this was going to be tough. I hung in for about 40 minutes and then my mind and body knew it was time to shut it down. Smart move as I wasn't as sore today as I thought I would.
Thurs. caught me dragging my ass out of bed again to make it to spin with Pain. I enter the door with coffee in hand for the Pain distributor and I was quickly on the bike for an hour spin class. I worked hard this morning. Even Pain said after the workout that I worked the hills today. I figured I'd spent much of the last 5 weeks being lazy so it's about time I got my ass in gear.
After work today I joined the Ship for a hill workout. I ended up running with Jen again and we kicked out 3x800m repeats in 105 degrees. I took plenty of time in between sets to get my rest and to get my hr down.

I went to Performance Wellness today for my shoulder. It's not any worse but I want to get it back to a better position. Sellers gave me a workout with it and I am happy to be back there working on getting better. I see Dr. Phil in 2 weeks to start a strength program for it and after that I'll be hitting the gym to workout out my back and neck. I HATE the gym but it's only for 3 months. We'll see.

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