Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let it rain.

More rain today but no riding so therefor no retard.
Hit the pool at lunch today. Just me and Capt Doctor in the lane. My timing was a little off today so it was wee bit ugly. I just have to stay consistent with the swimming.
After work I hauled ass down to O'Henry so I could run before I coached. My workout was a recovery run where I should have stayed in zone 1 most of the run. When I got home and checked the garmin it said I was in zone 3 for most of the run. I couldn't have gone any slower and this is driving me nuts!!! I am seriously trying very hard to get my HR down but it doesn't go much below 130 while running. What's odd is that if you out me on a bike trainer I struggle to get to 130 and above. I just don't understand this. Very frustrating.

1 hour swim for 3050m
5.05 mi in 50 minutes.....that's a 9:51 per mile pace. Arrrgggggggg this sucks!!!!!!!

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