Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The 3 R's of training


Yesterday before I left the house I checked the weather and it said that there would be a t-storm rolling through around 11:00 a.m. and decent the rest of the day. That was perfect for me. So I rode to work thinking I'd miss the rain. The weather people weren't even freaking close to getting it right!!! The rain was coming down when I left work and only got worse the further I got into the ride. Co-workers were pulling over on 360 asking me if I wanted a ride. Like a knucklehead I didn't take them up on the ride when I should have. Heading up the hill to Davenport Village there was lightening and thunder all around. I was quite concerned that making to the top of the hill was not going to happen. I could just feel people looking at me and saying to themselves, "what an idiot!!" I was and I totally admit it.
I made it the PTC in one piece just in time for the rain to slow down and for the sun to start to peek out. Once off the bike I grabbed a rag, dried off the KHS and grabbed my running gear. Off I went into the light rain for a 1 hour easy run. The roads were dead and the trail was even more so. I loved it. I just concentrated on the workout at hand and enjoyed the slight rain we were getting. When I finished it was sunshine and rainbows.
Started the workout like an shithead but ended like a rockstar. Would I do it again.....probably.

Thanks to Jimmy O for offering me a ride about 2 miles from the PTC. You're a giver Opre!

Bike total: 35 miles
Run total: 1 hour

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