Saturday, May 22, 2010

Race #2....flat...what flat?

The first Oly is done and in the books. I am currently in my motel room with my compression socks on, feet up and I just finished shoveling some food down my throat. It was a good race today.
Swim: Yet again they were late with the start and no one seemed to give a shit. It rained like crazy here last night and there was also a Tornado warning issued for the evening. Since it rained the water was much higher than it was yesterday and it was freaking cold!!!!!! Even colder then CDA last year. The swim is a time trial start with 2 people going every 3 seconds. JP and I were paired up and we took off. He's not into the swimming so much so I pulled away from him within the first 100m. Note to self...... work more on swimming and long distance swimming. Once warmed up I got into my grove and made my way through the swim.
Bike: The course was not flat to say the least. The roads were wet so I was very cautious on the ride today. I never really pushed it too hard and recovered when needed. According to the gps I avg 19.2 and I feel as though that's where I'll be tomorrow and this afternoon. Only one thing to note on the bike. Some knucklehead passed me twice. Both times we were going about 40 mph downhill and when he passed he passed withing 1 foot of me. meaning he was 1 foot from my side. No one else was around us....not even close!!!!! If either of us moved just a little it would have been the end for both of us. Total assclown and he made it appear that all he cares about is himself. Jerkoff!
Run: Thank the lord Todd Gerlach told me to bring my trail running shoes. The run was 6.55 mi and 6 mi of it was on an old fire trail that was total mud. Big thanks from me saved my ass. The run was just as hilly as the ride and it didn't help that I made 3 stops. When you gotta go you gotta go! The gps says I averaged 7:23's but that does not include the 3 stops. We'll see later what my real time was.
Overall: Good race today and the rain brought in nice cold water for the after race soak. Had a 15 min massage after that.

I am currently watching my clothes dry in front of the heater in my motel room and all I want to do is take a nap. Not sure if that's going to happen since race #3 is in 2.5 hours.

Yesterday I started in 166th place. I was 106th by the end of the race. I amde some more advancement this morning. Once I find out the times I'll let you know.



Rockin Austin said...

Woot! Woot! 2 of 4 - can't wait for more!

What a jerkface on the bike, you'd think that people that are crazy enough to do this race (no offense) are schooled in race/riding etiquette. Good luck on 3 & 4!

TRI TO BE FUNNY-Carrie Barrett said...

You are CRAZY and AWESOME!! Have fun the rest of the weekend!!

Jess said...

i was thinking about you as i was riding out in blanco...hope #3 went well too!!

Arlene said...

I am racing every step with you - well at least in spirit.

Love you - Ma

etg said...

Ditto what Jess fact, you inspired me to keep going. Not because you were there yelling at me:) But because when I thought that one more hill would do me in I remembered what you were doing and the Real Ale Ride suddenly seemed very doable. Now our 17 mile run tomorrow...that's a different story!