Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day #1 of Triple T race week

Today was a travel day. The flights to and from the airports were ok. Only real big deal was Ronnie freaking Milsap was on the same plane as me from Nashville to Columbus. Now that some real shit right there!
Once in Columbus I picked up my rental car and made the 2 hour journey south to Portsmouth, OH. Portsmouth is a nice little town with not much going for it unfortunately. You can tell that back in the 50's and 60's this used to be the place to be but not any more. They do have this loving Super 8 motel. It's a little shady but so am I and I am ok with that. Once here at the hotel I immediately put my bike together. What a mess that was. The chain was all sorts of tangled up and the damn headset wouldn't go back together without feeling loose. Thank the lord Geoff from J&A's was working today. I called him and he told me how it was originally and that totally saved my ass. I wasn't about to race with a shaky front end.
After the bike was built and test ridden I went looking for a grocery and food. I found the local Kroger and a nice small Italian place called Melini Cucina. Now, if you are ever in Portsmouth, OH ask your self why in the hell you are here and then if you are hungry check this place out. It's wicked small but the chix parm was the best I have ever had. I'll probably go back again tomorrow night for some take out.
So this my vibe of the place so far....
-Accommodations are on the shitty side but it's $55 a night and since I am by myself it's all good.
- My allergies are kicking up a little so this may suck just a bit.
- I love hotel....check that....MOTEL high speed Internet.
- There is not a lot of physical fitness going here in Portsmouth, OH.
- McDonalds is the closest food to the motel by over a mile. Guess I'll be seeing more of Portsmouth.
- The train tracks run across the street...and yes...the trains use them.
- Guice and Jess sent me up here with choc chip bars and some notes of good wishes. I almost coughed up the cookie thing when I read one of the notes: "I'm Logan Delaware......I'm a BIG fucking deal" .....holy shit that still makes me laugh.


Jess said...

:) glad you liked your notes...looking forward to the race updates...rock it!

etg said...

Maybe if your races go really well, the marquee outside the Super 8 will read: "Logan Delaware stayed here...and he's a big fucking deal" Race well and keep laughing :)

PTerranova said...

good luck Logan, give it hell up there in O-HI-O!!

Rockin Austin said...

Aww, that's awesome of Jess and ETG! Have fun, I've been thinking good thoughts all day for you and will continue to do so all through the weekend. Rock it Coach!