Friday, May 21, 2010

Race #1.....wicked short dude.

Today has been a very long day. The first race didn't start until 5:00 p.m. You may say, "Wow, that's late for a tri." Yeah it's late but not for this tri. The first race of the Triple T is a supersprint. 250m swim, 5 mi bike and a 1 mile run. Here's the break down.
Pre race- I love it when people wear their Ironman shirts to races. No offense but I do find it a bit funny. I'm walking around with a Fore Play Sports Bar t shirt with stains all over it and I'm next to a guy w/ a Cozmel IM shirt. I like not fitting in.
With bike racked it didn't take me long to make a friend. Met a guy named JP from Chicago. He's an adventure racer and wanted to try something new. His dad used to play for the Blackhawks of the NHL so we hit it off with my mad hockey knowledge. Cool guy.
So this is no J&A's event because the start was a mess and it was late. Dan would never have stood for it. The sound system sucked and not many race officials seemed to care about being on time. Oh well.....I figured I'd be done in less than 30 minutes so I didn't care.
The swim was horrible!!!! The water was shallow and the mud was thick. It was like someone put black tape over my goggles because I couldn't see shit. The water was cold so that made it tolerable.
Bike: The bike was so damn short I never really got even close to going. I just kept my HR well above normal and pushed with what I could. It was more like a crit because there were many turns. There was one long hill at about mile 1.5 and I made up some ground on it over other people. I was cautious heading back down because it rained all day and people were flying down it. I didn't want to end my weekend on the first race so I enjoyed the rest. Funny thing was....there were 2 guys in front of me in full areo with areo helmets and they never pulled away on the hill. I was on my handle bars just relaxing and these 2 guys were over the top serious. I had a good laugh at their expense.
Run: A 1 mile run is freaking painful!!!!! It was on wet soggy grass and then a trail in the woods. Never caught my breath and never got my legs going but I did ok. Passed a few more people than passed me and I was happy with that.
Finish.....25:30. No idea what place that puts me in but I really don't care about that. Just here to see if I can survive the pain come Sunday.
After the race there was a creek just past the finish line and the water was cold. A bunch of us sat down in it for a while and yapped about the race. I told folks that there was no way in hell this would happen in Texas because of snakes. Not too much of a worry about that in Ohio.

Overall it was a good time and I feel as though I have not earned my lasagna for the evening. That should be made up with tomorrows horror show. 2 Oly' in the morning and one @ 3:00 pm.


Jess said...

nice job coach logan...way to represent the ATX...race well tomorrow!

Rockin Austin said...

Haha, they're going to think we're completely backwoods here in TX with snakes in our creeks! :) (of course most people think that anyway) Great job on the mini, can't wait for the next installment.