Friday, May 1, 2009

Letting the good times roll.

Well it’s been a while. My luck hasn’t been very good this training season. On Sunday the 19th I was on my way out the door to go ride. I bent over to pick up my running shoes and WHAM!!!!!! I slipped a disk in my back and I dropped like a sack of potatoes. I spent the next 2 days in bed and just now am starting to walk upright again. Man did that kick me in the ass. I still haven’t run and I just got back on the bike Tuesday. I have done 4 spin classes this week and each time I feel as though I am getting better. I’m riding 75 tomorrow outside so we’ll see how that goes.
Wed. and this morning I was at Barton Springs trying to get some open water swimming in. I swam 1 mile both mornings and both times my shoulder was sore after I finished. I kind of expected it to and with my back bothering me I almost forgot about the pain in my shoulder. Good times.
So with all the obstacles that I have had to face this off season I almost gave up on CDA. It’s just not going the way I wanted it to. But after some quality time with Pain we’ve decided to get me out there. I will not be in race shape for this but since I have already paid for everything I might as well go. Plus there are some other reasons that I will not go into here.
So I’m going to try and run this Sunday. My back is still bothering me so this may not be the best run and hell….. I may not even be able to take a step but I’m going to see.
One thing about this whole back/shoulder shit that I have dealing with that I am looking forward to is that it is forcing me to take some drastic measures. I have stopped drinking again until after the race and I have put myself on a diet until then as well. I would like to loose 10 lbs before race day. I have a partner in this endeavor and it’s my fellow coach Suzanne. She wants to drop a few more lbs before race day so we’re going to try and keep each other focused.

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Chuck Buxton said...

I am on the wagon too cuz... Last race pics were not pretty. Pitures usually do not lie...I miss my buddy Mr Shipyard!! 1 week and counting.