Saturday, May 30, 2009

I am one lazy bastard

I was at J&A's yesterday talking with Terranova. We were talking about his new bike, how he has created his own stimulus package and why his wife is so damn awesome. In the middle of the conversation I was ready to go home and he says...."Will you update your blog?" I was like...." that's a work in progress." Well here it is of luck tomorrow and you're lucky I'm not racing.
So...... I have been freaking wicked depressed lately. No real reason....ok maybe one but for the most part I have just been in a shitty mood. CDA is going to be tough for me since my training has been shit and I haven't had my head into it since I crashed on my bike. Just serious lack of motivation on my part. The one reason why I have been down a bit is that Pain is taking on a smaller roll at T3 and she is going back into the workforce. I found out the hard way.... a friend of mine was given her resume and this friend asked me about Pain. It was a tough pill to swallow but I knew it was coming. But...... as I told Pain, she has to be happy before she can make anyone else happy. I will still see her all the time and we text almost daily but she's "my coach" and I will miss that terribly.
Training as I said hasn't been all that great. Swimming sucks because my shoulder is still giving me a problem. I did make it 2400 m yesterday at the springs but I ran out of gas towards the end of that. My running is shit because my knee is killing me so all I can do is slow runs. I can barely get faster than an 8:30 mile right now. Cycling is just depressing. I haven't done one ride over 100 miles when I should have done 5 or 6 of them. I did 80 today and I almost passed out at mile 75 because it was so freaking hot out. So overall...... shit sucks right now.
Personally..... I got hammered drunk on Monday after the race. Will someone please tell me to slow down after my 10th beer!!!!! Jesus..... I was out of control.

Good things.....
I met up with a snake in the road on my ride today. I didn't shit my pants. Good thing.
I finally cleaned my bike today. It needed it badly. Reminder..... lube my chain tomorrow.
Mo paid me on time. I was amazed. Keep it up Mix master.
Jess and Elizabeth made me food this week. Thanks ladies.
Blythe made me cookies but Kevin Teh ate them. I'm kicking your ass this week Kevin. You son of a bitch!

So there is my update. Hope it treats you all well and that I can remember to update it more regularly.


Kevin said...

Logan, good post. I'm sorry you are bummed, but it seems like you're doing what you can in the midst of it. That counts for something!

Also, I almost always laugh out loud with each post. This one was no exception.

See you at practice.

PTerranova said...

Strong work Logan, nice job on the update!!! Very timely. Keep your head-up dude. I don't normally post blog comments, but for you Logan, the world!!! -PT

Yvonne said...

Logan - your posts make me laugh, but it makes me sad that you are bummed out. Don't be! For what it's worth, you are doing GREAT! You got in a bike accident for gosh sakes, cut yourself some slack.

BTW I consider 8:30s fast, Matt's worried because his knee is jacked up and he hasn't ran more than 15 miles, my foot has been messed up for the past 4 months, but in the end, we all somehow manage despite the ups and downs. I'm slowly learning to accept that things can't always go perfectly. Hang in there!

That sucks that Kevin ate your cookies. I'll make sure to make you a special batch the next time I bake.