Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A bit behind

Lots of things in the pipeline the past 2 weeks. Here's a brief overview.

- Website is almost active. Lots of the behind the scenes drama with the server host.
- Firming up details for the annual Leakey Death ride. The Ryan's and Hills will be my camping guests this year. We're all wicked excited.
- Training my butt off. Had a major tire blowout last Sat. and that cost me some riding time but I made up for it with some hammering at the end of the ride.
- Holy shit cold outside. @ 5 it was 30 degrees and the wind was howling. So what do I do? I go for an 8 mile run on the trail. Nice and empty.
- Doing a race in May called the X-50. 1 mi swim, 40 mi bike and a 9 mi run. Capt Jim's wife and The Shop Boss Lady (Michelle and Angie) are coming with me and we're bringing the pop up. Another great road trip in the making.
- Business is coming along. Sending out quotes and lots of talking.
- Ordering another sound system next week. Louder and lighter.

For the folks back home:
Saw Chitwood made the news in Philly. Something about bullying. I'm pretty sure he'll soon have the schools on lockdown and the riot police standing guard at recess.


Nancy said...

The race director for the X-50 in Valley View does not run a really tight race, kinda loosey goosey. Just thought you should know.

Stacey said...

Yes, Media Mike is alive and well. Glad to hear that he's still making the world a safer place. We kind of miss him up here.