Monday, July 19, 2010

Marble Falls 5 years later

5 years ago I found myself in Marble Falls, TX doing the Marble Falls Tri in early July. It was my first year of tri's and I had no idea what I doing. I remember riding up with Molly, Seba and Puck and having a fun time.
Well.....5 years later I finally make my way back for a second try. What a difference 5 years can make.
The race was a ton of fun and I knew a billion people out there. Great hearing my name and seeing all these folks I have been watching race for the past few years but never getting to actually race with them. Jen Reinhardt actually asked me before the race if i knew what I was doing. I haven't raced a tri in central Texas is a long long time. Good times.
-Talking Angie's ear off on the ride up. I was totally awake by the time we got there.
-Doing most of the ride with the lead female.
-Passing Alex the Russian 1 mile into the run. He told me he was going to sprint from that point to the finish and that I didn't stand a chance. I passed him about 5 seconds later.
-Having the best run of my life off the bike.
-Seeing Capt Jim's wife and Mer on the run. Great motivation.

Here are my times from 2005
Swim: 27:48
T1: 1:21
Bike: 1:10:22
T2: 1:20
Run: 45:17 (10:18 per mile pace...had blisters and ran barefoot for a couple of miles)
Total: 2:26:10

2010 times
Swim: 19:49
T1: 1:08
Bike: 1:01:06
T2: :46
Run: 31:29......7:09 pace per mile!
Total: 1:54:21

I'll take a 32 minute improvement.

Next week it's the Waco Tri. unfortunately I put my back out this morning reaching for a light switch. It's not all glory all the time you know.

Thanks to J&A's, Performance Wellness, Rogue Running, T3 and my coach Zane. I guess this z1/z2 crap works....but it's still BORING!!!!!


Jess said...

nice! good job on that one... :D

etg said...

32 minute improvement at that distance?! That takes some serious doing...or training...or something. Very happy for you.