Sunday, April 18, 2010

First big weekend in a while

I finally put together a solid weekend of training. Happy to do it and happy to be done with it.
Friday I did the bomb run. I was actually ahead of Richie Cunningham (yes, that's his real name) at about the 1.5 mile mark. I was smart enough to peel off and do a different route before he and Evoe killed me. It was fun to get out there and get the blood flowing early on a Friday.
Saturday I swam @ LC for 3000m and I felt kinda ok. Straight was taking it to me but I hung in there. After the swim I went home, changed, ate and made my way to the PTC for a 3 hr trainer ride. Thank the lord that Pain was there shot calling. She kept that up for the first 2 hours and then the last hour was on my own. Watched about 4 IM videos so that kept me motivated. I had Lapuente and Kolko beside me so I always had someone to chat with. After the ride I took another shower and started to clean bikes. I cleaned 10 in one afternoon. Man that was tough but well worth it for the people that needed their bikes cleaned. Plus I made some cash and acquired a 12 pk of Miller Lite. Thanks Esther!
Today I was at the pool again for another swim. I need to work on it so I am forcing myself to get there. Pape was fantastic today. She pushed us but gave us enough rest when we needed it. I look forward to my next workout with her. After the swim I go cleaned up and changed into running attire. I headed to J&A's and departed for a 2 hour run on the trail. Good times but not all that fast. That's ok.... I needed to get the time in anyway so I'm good with that.

Overall is was a great weekend. I had some drama come my way but I tossed that crap in the trash and have moved forward. Some people just irritated me.

Here's something for your funny bones....
I was at the Sprint store today getting a new phone. My Blackberry was just killing me. I was there for a little longer than I had planned and started getting wicked light headed and weak. I knew I needed food. So as I sit there I start taking a mental inventory of what I have in the X for food. All I think I have is a cold Miller Lite. Just one! So now this is where I think I am loosing my mind. I start to contemplate whether it's ok to get the 150 calories from the beer and deal with the booze that comes along with it or do I suffer and hang on til I get home.
I'll let you all think on that and figure out the answer yourself. :)


Gordon said...

good swim this morning. Thanks for pushing me!

Rockin Austin said...

Ha, that is the best story I've heard in a while...about the beer and weighing your options. :) Thanks for the chuckle!