Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sick and now educated

I"m still under the weather. Ugh......oh well...not much I can do about it now.
Mental toughness day. I so wanted to go home after work but went through with my workout and am happy I did.
20 min w/u
3000 m time trial
cool down.
Felt like crap but got it done.

After that I rushed home because I had a visitor coming over. My coach Zane swung by to help me with my computrainer and how I should operate it. He also looked at my bike fit and decided I needed a shorter neck. While checking my fit he put the hammer down on me and told me I'd continue having back issues on the bike unless I start working on my hamstring and quad flexibility. He showed me some strap exercises to do and told me when to do them. It was good to hear that and I fully intend on getting them done.

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